Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Fish Tale

Every year we come to Gulf Shores, the kids are in search of the elusive sand crab. It has become a bit of an obsession, and a bit of a joke. The first year we were here, we did in fact acquire a crab. Tim took the kids down to the beach at sunset to look for crabs, armed with a bucket, shovel and net. Hours later they returned with a crab, named Sonny. Trace was so proud telilng me all about the crab and how they caught it. This turned out to be his first fish tale, since they actually "caught" the crab in the elevator. (Another dad and his little guy found a bucket full of crabs in the elevator.) Last night, Tim, Piper and Trace returned from dinner with a huge crab. Aunt Paula spotted it as they were driving back, and after some coaxing and a little pep talk, brave Uncle Rory dumped his fries out of a styrofoam container and caught the crab in there. The nice lady at the Citgo next door gave Tim a fishing pail to put it in, the kids got some sand from the beach and now "Bigfoot" is sitting on our patio. Never a dull moment...

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