Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week in Review

Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, I do need to tell all of you, my loyal readers that I have in fact crossed over to the dark side. I am now a Facebook member, and I have 53 friends to prove it. I said I would never do it, I relentlessly harassed all of my friends who love Facebook, and I am now full-bellied and bloated after eating my words!! I have to say for all the crap I doled out, I am quite enjoying this crazy Facebook phenomenon. Just wanted to get that confession out of the way.
The past two weeks have been a bit hectic to say the least. Two weeks ago began the frenzied race to "get ready." We always joke that you can go through our house and point to any picture on the wall, shelf hung, or special window treatment and date it according to some event - i.e. we hung those curtains before Finley's Christening, we painted that room before Carter's birthday party, we finished the basement in time for the Halloween party. Like suddenly, we have to make our surroundings look perfect for this one event. Even though all the people who will be there know us and know what our house normally looks like. Really, who are we trying to fool? Yet, we do it anyway, until we reach a level of stress where our heads are about to explode. In our first couple years of marriage and parenthood, that would be the point where I'd cry and scream and still keep going. Now I grab me a laundry basket and walk from room to room filling it with stray items I don't have the time or energy to put away. I then stash that laundry basket in a closet and our guests are none the wiser. I clean the stuff that needs to be cleaned and don't worry about perfection. I cook a little and cater a little, and accept every offer from friends and family to bring something. I find that I am much happier this way, my husband doesn't dread parties because I've turned into a psychotic version of Martha Stewart, and I actually enjoy the event we are celebrating. 
God was definitely smiling down on us last Saturday, we had a beautiful day for Piper's First Holy Communion. She was absolutely a vision in her dress and, of course, loved being the center of attention. We were all really excited to celebrate this milestone with her! I feel like it was just yesterday we were dressing her in her christening gown and heading to church and now we watch her walk up with her hands folded (and then usually make a face of disgust after tasting the wine. We're still working on the "poker face.") 
On Friday, we celebrated Trace's 7th birthday. Another child making me feel WAY too old. Speaking of too old, as of yesterday, I am now 32. Honestly, I've never been too hung up on age, so I am not one of those women who will not reveal her age. Though you may want to talk to me once I stop being carded. As if the five kids begging for gum at the checkout and the cart full of groceries is all just a ploy to be able to purchase that bottle of wine and 6-pack of beer. Yep, you caught me! I got the spa treatment of a lifetime at his school Friday morning at "Ma's Spa." My nails are a rainbow of beautiful colors. I'd take those few hours with my first grade guy over any spa any day!
On a final note, Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing women out there - its your day! Spend it in whatever way makes you happy. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful mom of my own and to be Mom to 5 great kids!

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