Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, New Decade

Daddy and Scout on Christmas Eve

Uncle Ryan building LEGOS with the boys

Scout is always so amused by Ollie

Piper modeling her pink bday extensions with Auntie De and Dom

Scoutie's 1st Xmas

Can't believe my baby is 9!

Piper carrying Scout down on Xmas morning

Finley's standard Apres-PreK wear

Here we are in 2010, not only a new year, but a new decade. It got me thinking about all that has happened over the last 10 years.
Here's my breakdown
I have been pregnant for 45 out of the 120 months of the decade.
We have used somewhere in the ballpark of 21,600 disposable diapers costing roughly $4,320.
(Based on 5 diapers a day costing 20 cents per diaper) (And yes, I do know about what this does to our landfills and in a moment of eco-weakness made a very unfortunate journey into cloth-diapering which I'd rather not speak of...)
We have lived in 3 different homes.
We have painted 32 rooms.
We have been through an SUV, two minivans and now a Suburban.
We have had 33 well-baby checkups.
I've played for countless hours with Barbies, LEGOS, and Little People.
The tooth fairy has visited our house 11 times.
We have made 4 ER visits with kids.
I had my tonsils taken out (after a winter with a combined total of roughly 24 cases of strep in the family...good times!)

I'd list all the things we've been lucky enough to avoid, but there's not enough wood to knock on here . . .

I've had people email me to make sure I haven't dropped off the face of the earth in light of my blogging absence. I'm here, though I'd much rather be somewhere tropical, given our string of really yucky weather. But in the meantime, I am taking advantage of my cabin fever and organizing like a madwoman. Maybe if I do it now, I'll be so organized that I will be able to spend every waking moment outdoor once it gets nice! Wishful thinking I'm sure, especially since cleaning the house with kids around is like shoveling while its still snowing.

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  1. Oh - yay! I am so so happy to see all of these photos!! It looks like a great family Christmas :) Keep 'em coming!! First of all, you are pretty darn good with math miss Ruby! Second - that is crazy how many diapers HA! I will keep all of you in my prayers for an amazing 2010!!! xoxo


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