Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cabin Fever

In the past, I've laughed as Tim describes how cooped up he feels in the winter, he's even gone so far as to say he thinks he has SAD (seasonal affective disorder) resulting from the lack of sunlight and fresh air. It is with every fiber of my very pregnant, very crabby, very uncomfortable being that I apologize to my wonderful hubby for not taking him seriously. I am so SICK of being in the house, not being able to let the kids outside to play, not being able to walk from my car to whatever building I'm trying to enter without the wind cutting to my bones! This winter really bites! Damn Puxatawny Phil for seeing his shadow (hell, I cant even see my toes these days.) So I guess that means six more weeks of winter, six more weeks of pregnancy coincidentally, too. 
So anyway, this morning Carter, Finley and I met friends at Pump It Up for free jump. (not monetarily free unfortunately, free in the unstructured sense.) It was worth every penny to be able to let them climb and slide on something other than my living room furniture for an hour and a half. They are happy and tired and ready to take naps in the next hour or so. Life is good.
On a different note, I would like to send a big hug to my mom across the miles and say that there is bound to be a special place in heaven for her for putting up with me growing up. At the risk of embarrassing my lovely oldest daughter, I will say no more than I am shocked at the depth of emotions and hormones that swirl around in the mystery that is an 8-year-old girl. School mornings are not always the most pleasant here, and I now know why my mom smiled and laughed during most of my fits. I am grateful she did, that laughter was the release that made it possible for me to still be alive and dealing with my own sweet daughter today. So thanks Mom, (and Dad, who also fondly recalls driving me to school - that was fun wasn't it Dad?)
We're off to the OB this evening to check on Baby Girl Johnson. I'll update you all later! Have a great day!

Here's Carter before his much-needed haircut:

And after:

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