Sunday, March 8, 2009

3,2,1 ... Baby

Just a little update to let everyone know that we will be welcoming our new little girl less than three days from now! I am being induced Wednesday morning, the 11th. As Nana says, "Watch out Mom and Dad, this little girl is going to be born on the second day of a full moon!" The kids are so excited to meet her. They had so much fun visiting with baby Isla this weekend, who is just 6 weeks old and a little peanut. The boys loved holding her, Carter was especially fascinated with her. Finley just kept asking if it was Tiffany's baby I was holding, like maybe I just had her baby sister and forgot to mention it. 
Aunt Paula gave us a belly casting kit to help preserve the memory of the last Johnson to join our family. (Sorry Mom, any more grandchildren will come from Ryan and Rory!!!) So, the kids got to get their hands dirty last night "casting my belly." Though the kids did a great job and plan on painting it beautifully as well, don't plan on seeing it hanging on our wall or holding chips and dip at our next party. Just not my style. 
Tim is very nervous that I may make him to contribute to this blog as I recover. I'm not really sure how we're going to handle that. But please know that if you see the old their/they're/there or too/to switcheroo going on, it's NOT ME!! 
Hope everyone has a good Monday, in spite of losing one precious hour of sleep. I know one second-grader who will be burrowing even deeper under the covers come 7 am, when her body tells her its only 6 am.

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