Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Madness

If you've read the title of this blog entry and are thinking I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and become a sports fan, seriously?????? I do have to say the one thing I love about March madness is that my husband is more than willing to have all the kids running around him while I scrapbook or shop as long as there's a game on the TV. 
But the March Madness happening in our house these days is one of a much different sort. Obviously, there's the preparing for the arrival of our newest family member. Which from day to day varies in intensity from "Oh my God, there's no way we're ready to bring a new baby into this house" to "There's nothing else we could possibly do, every blanket, onesie and crib sheet is washed and ready." Every morning Finley asks me if the new baby "got bornded yet." Dear Lord, I'm sure hoping that my stomach doesn't look like this once she has been "bornded." Piper asks every morning on her way to the bus stop what will happen if I have the baby while she's at school. Trace and Carter have just decided that for every day questions or situations that require my attention, poking my belly button like they're ringing  doorbell is a perfectly acceptable way to get me to listen. Poor little sister is gonna come out with a dent the way this belly is getting poked!!
March is also off to a busy start with preparations for Piper's upcoming First Communion, what with dress shopping, religious ed classes and sacrament prep sessions, and party planning. Then there's the winding down of the basketball season for Piper, Trace and Coach Daddy, which just happens to overlap with the starting up of Trace's spring baseball. I think of my parents and my sisters-in-law Ann, Patty and Sally who have older kids and have been running this crazy extra-curricular hamster wheel for years on end now. You are some amazing women to have made it through this. My tour of duty has hardly begun, and I'm already exhausted looking ahead. Any tips for me??
We recently had some family photos taken before the new little one arrives. I've posted a few here. Enjoy this beautiful weather and much-needed taste of spring...

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